16.02.2020 | HIPE – Hamburger Immobilien Projekt- & Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH:|„Your approach has awarded us with the final contract.“

„With this letter of reference, we would like to emphasize our cooperation in order to support you in identifying upcoming construction projects.[break]

Your company has successfully acted as an intermediary in the latter transaction in Hamburg-Schnelsen and has been in trustful contact with our company ever since. Even before the acquisition, you´ve provided us with comprehensive information consisting of a well-founded market and location analysis, which you´ve presented to us in a very professional manner. All relevant benefits and downsides regarding the project planning have been disclosed and were considered accordingly in coordination with our architectural office.
The negotiations between us and the seller side have been structured constructively and purposefully, you´ve always kept us informed about new facts and finally secured the contract for us. By implementing your professional approach we are convinced that we have found a good sales partner in your company. Your company is our preferred contact for the sale of our construction project HC 191 with 64 residential units and a volume of approx. 18 million Euro.”

16.02.2020 | SENECTUS GmbH|„We appreciate your dexterity and finessed approach during challenging contract negotiations.“

“After the successful completion of an agreement between a German pension fund and our project company, IIB Inselpark lmmobilienbesitzgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG I, which has been facilitated by your company, we would like to thank you very much for the excellent cooperation. Our successful collaboration started with the first exchange of ideas on potential marketing activities and concluded with the execution of the contract in the notary’s office. Along the way, we appreciated your dexterity and finessed approach during challenging contract negotiations as well as your ideas for alternative sales contract mechanisms, which led us to the desired success. They accompanied us in the valuation of the property and in the selection and approach of potential investors. Your comprehensive knowledge of the market and your network reach to suitable market participants were of great benefit to us. With your help we were able to conclude the transaction professionally and within a manageable period of time.”

16.02.2020 | Stilwerk GmbH:|“Please accept our best thanks for the professional handling of the sales process.“

“With our Stilwerk Living area we complete our residential projects business by restoration/refurbishment and final resale of projects within selected residential locations. We are happy to confirm our longstanding, trusting cooperation with your company based on numerous acquisition and sale transactions. We were also pleased to award you with the sale of our latest project in Hallerstraße and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional preparation of the sales process – starting with the positioning in the market and concluding with an editorial appearance in the Hamburg „Streifzug“, which has further increased our customer awareness in the market.”

16.02.2020 | TAG Gewerbeimmobilien-AG:|„You´ve become acquainted with the market very quickly“

“We would like to thank you for your great performance regarding the letting of our 77 rental apartments based in the Stuttgart Südtor project. You have been able to familiarise yourself with the market very quickly and despite high time pressure, have been able to let the majority of the apartments at above-average rents before the completion of the property. The tenants which were acquired are all very well selected and are full of praise with regards to the completion. We´d like to thank your for your personal commitment and dedication of your rent team. We would be pleased to commission you again with the letting of one of our projects.”

16.02.2020 | Behrendt Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG:|“The negotiations between us and the seller side have been arranged and built up in a goal-oriented manner“.

“During the purchased of the property in Alsterkrugchaussee, your company has acted as an intermediary. You´ve successfully arranged and built up the negotiations between us and the seller side in a goal-oriented manner. Your references and previous sales activities confirm our plan to jointly market 38 upcoming apartments.”

16.02.2020 | MAGNA Real Estate AG:|“You’ve been in trusted contact with us for 15 years.“

“It is with great pleasure that we would like to support your acquisition of further development objects with this letter. MAGNA Real Estate AG is one of the leading project developers and asset managers for residential and commercial real estate based in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. In recent years, transactions of more than 3 billion Euro have been realized. You have been in trustful contact with us for approx. 15 years and have also worked in other real estate companies of our Management Board.
We would like to expand this contact in the future as well by means of a constant and lively exchange on new development properties. In January 2018, we successfully completed another joint transaction. The transaction brokered by your company is a real estate complex in downtown Ahrensburg, which we acquired for our individual fund Magna VZB Select. The purchase, which was personally accompanied by you, involves an area of approximately 7,000 m² with 122 residential and commercial units and a total volume of approximately 20 million euros. Throughout the entire process, you and your team have been supporting us at all times.”

16.02.2020 | Quaterra Immobilien GmbH:|“Thanks to your very high level of commitment, we were able to successfully market more than half of the apartments after only a few weeks.“

“With this letter we would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation in the new building project “VIVET – Leben in Eimsbüttel” (“VIVET – Living in Eimsbüttel”) and support you in the acquisition of new building projects. [break]

Beginning in the early project planning phase you were able to successfully support us in the definition of target groups as well as with your sales experience in floor plan optimization and pricing. You and your team also contributed creatively and purposefully to the production of the high-quality sales brochure and the selection of final interior configuration features. Thanks to your very high level of commitment and personal dedication in the creation of the project-related website and many other marketing measures, we were able to successfully market more than half of the apartments after only a few weeks.
We are pleased about such a positive sales start of the VIVET project and would like to rely on your professional work moving forward with our future project in Hohenfelde including 14 condominiums.”

16.02.2020 | Quaterra Immobilien GmbH:|“Your marketing plan has definitely met our expectations.“

“We would like to highlight our cooperation with this letter of reference and support you in identifying further construction projects. Quarterra Immobilien GmbH has many years of experience in real estate development. You have been in trustful contact with our company for years and you were able to successfully broker the property Martinistraße 95, located in Hamburg-Eppendorf, to us in 2013. We were pleased to hand over the individual sales of the 36 condominiums to you. The high-quality brochures, the website and the marketing plan met our requirements and we also received your full support in defining the price structure. You and your team entered the marketing process in a very professional manner, executed it out to our complete satisfaction and completed the project successfully and according to plan in exclusive distribution.
Furthermore your great commitment and communication with all parties was consistently positive until the completion of the last unit. The initially required pre-sales quota was quickly achieved, although a willingness to compromise on brokerage fees was occasionally required. Not only the interests of the seller side but also those of the buyer side were always taken into account.”

16.02.2020 | CWS Immobilien GmbH:|“The properties in Hamburg-Horn and Schnelsen, which your has brokered to us, incorporate a project volume of approximately 42 million euros.“

“We are pleased to substantiate our good and trusting cooperation with this letter of reference. CWS Immobilien GmbH is engaged in the acquisition of developable properties and land in northern Germany, with a focus on Hamburg and Sylt. They have been in close business contact with us for years and have successfully completed several transactions. The properties in Hamburg-Horn and Schnelsen brokered by you incorporate a project volume of approx. 42 million euros. We would also be pleased to commission you with the sale of our building project in Niendorf with approx. 1,100 m² of living space and 14 units. During the project your company has already been able to assist us in the planning process and have played a significant role in the sampling and floor plan optimisation. We are convinced that with you as well as your team we have chosen the right sales partner at our side and look forward to further cooperation.”

03.02.2020 | COMOODUM GmbH & Co. KG:|“With the support of the NEUBAUTEAM, we were able to enter the sales process quickly and sell all units at the same time as construction began.”

„For our new building project located at a top location in Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel, we have commissioned NEUBAUTEAM with a qualified exclusive distribution of ten freehold apartments with a total volume of approx. 6.2M Euro.[break]

Christian von Järten’s team has accompanied us during the early planning phase with construction meetings and played a decisive and trend-setting role in defining target groups, floor plan designs as well as final furnishing options. With the energetic support of NEUBAUTEAM – from pricing to implementation of high-quality marketing measures – we were able to quickly enter the sales process and sell all units just in time for the start of construction. We look forward to future joint projects!”

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