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An interview with Christian von Järten

Anyone who is often on the road in Hamburg knows that this city is booming. Almost every corner and every district is either being built new or is being rebuilt which, given the situation on Hamburg’s housing market, isn’t the worst idea. The real estate agent Christian von Järten is managing director of a company that specializes in project developments and new construction projects and who supports its customers in the planning, conception and marketing of a construction project.

The suitable name: NEUBAUTEAM. We have spoken to Christian von Järten about his company and his hometown Hamburg.

„We don‘t do everything – but what we do, we do right.“

You have been working in the real estate industry for more than a decade – Have you always wanted to do this job or have you ever planned another career path?

C. v. J. From the moment I had to stand on the construction site for six weeks during a school internship with a Hamburg building contractor, it was very clear to me that I wanted to go into the real estate business. However, I wanted to swap the concrete hose for the office chair relatively quickly (laughs).

Have you always wanted to run your own business?

C. v. J. Absolutely! My own development as an entrepreneur has always been my goal. I am very grateful that large companies at home and abroad have supported my development. Without this experience in various positions, my own path would certainly not have been sustainable.

When was the decision made to stay in Hamburg and focus on the Hanseatic city? Do you see this as a „home advantage“?

C. v. J. For me, from very early on, it was quite clear that I would remain true to my birthplace both privately and professionally. Especially in the real estate industry, it can be purposeful to concentrate on one market in order to be sensitized to local characteristics. For this reason, I definitely see it as a „home advantage“ to have got to know the city from an early age. Hamburg offers a great variety; each quarter is architecturally different from the others. In addition, there is a great dynamic that fascinates me again and again.

You call the NEUBAUTEAM a „boutique company“ – what exactly does that mean?

C. v. J. It means that we respond to all the individual requirements of each client and that we personally and comprehensively supervise each project from analysis and conception to successful placement. For us, quality comes before quantity – we aren’t a large corporation that just „gets projects through“, but a small team that takes each project personally in the truest sense of the word and is only completely satisfied when our customers are completely satisfied. This is our claim, which we live by every day.

„For us, quality beats quantity“

What makes Hamburg so special to you?

C. v. J. For me, as a native of Hamburg, the city is already a colorful mix of highlights anyway. Proximity to the water is an essential constant – the Alster, Elbe and port have an immense influence on Hamburg’s flair. The architectural mix combined with a lot of nature makes the location unique. New landmark buildings such as the “Elbphilharmonie” Concert Hall and the planned “Elbtower” will raise Hamburg’s status beyond the city limits.

Among all these highlights, do you have a favorite place in Hamburg?

C. v. J. This is a difficult decision to make but I guess I would recommend the Außenalster as my personal favorite place. It is the hub of Hamburg and also an important part of my daily routine. I try to jog around the Alster several times a week, if possible, because there is a very special and idyllic atmosphere in the middle of the city, especially early in the morning, which is the perfect balance to the fast-paced everyday working life.

And what are you doing in your spare time, besides of jogging?

C. v. J. In general, sport has always been a very important factor in my life. It acts as a valve in stressful situations and creates the necessary balance. I am also interested in the Italian design world. Whether fashion, interiors or accessories – the love of detail and the pure expression of „gioia di vivere” better known as “joie de vivre“ inspires me over and over again.

Last question: What is in your opinion the most architecturally interesting property in Hamburg?

C. v. J. If I had to name a specific property, the „Dockland“ of Hadi Teherani comes directly to my mind. It was an absolute architectural highlight in 2005 and still attracts numerous tourists. Even more fascinating, however, is the development of the HafenCity as the largest inner-city urban development project in Europe. To have been here from the very beginning and to be able to follow how a new, modern Hamburg district grows up within about ten years has had a lasting impact on my understanding of the real estate industry.



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